The Scientific and Technical Center "Privodnaya Tekhnika" provides services in the design of electric drive, instrumentation and control systems for the enterprises of metallurgy, machine building, energy, oil and gas, alternative energy, etc.:

We provide the following services:

1. Preliminary (pre-project) inspection of industrial facilities, where reconstruction, modernization, capital construction is planned.

Including development of a feasibility study for the introduction of new systems for production, modernization or reconstruction of industrial facilities.

2. Development of TOR. Together with the Customer, on the basis of provided initial data, the basic technical decisions, questions on selection of the electric drive equipment, instrumentation, control and management equipment, etc. are being worked out.

3. Development of project documentation:

- Implementation of a preliminary or technical design: automation schemes, plans for deployment of technical equipment; structural, functional and schematic diagrams;

- Working out of the working documentation: schemes of the basic, connection; tasks for the manufacture of low-voltage complete devices (general views, wiring diagrams, etc.), equipment layout plans, pipe and cable distributions, specifications, estimates;

- Development of operational documentation: descriptions, manuals, instructions, etc.

Also, when developing the automated process control system, the development of technical, software, information, system-wide, organizational and mathematical support is carried out.

For the right to carry out design works, the certificate SRO No. 0825.04-2010-7453060480-П-123 of 20.08.12 was issued. (NP "SRO Union of Design Organizations of the Southern Urals").

In the structure of the company, two special units dedicated to engineering services are allocated:

- Design and Design Center (PCC), which includes two electrical bureaus No. 1 and No. 2, the Instrument Bureau and the Design Bureau.

- Engineering center (IC), which includes departments for automation of steelmaking and rolling production, drilling equipment and crane equipment.

High qualification and competence of our specialists allow solving the problems of integration of new equipment into existing technological lines at the enterprises and development of systems for new productions.

Among the staff of the PCC and IC there are experienced specialists with more than 30 years of experience in the design, setup, operation of ACS and electric drive systems, and talented young promising graduates of Russian universities. among our employees there are doctors and candidates of technical sciences.

When developing projects, the most advanced software is used. This allows you to execute projects with high quality and in a short time.
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